Join HELLO MAKERS to live a new DIY experience and share it with others!

Unleash your imagination, put your creativity at work: create an object that highlights your style.

In a few hours, you will create a Design object that is absolutely UNIQUE and 100% CUSTOMISED by you.

Bags, clutch, baby shoes, baskets, sandals, shelves, lamps… We develop workshop to fit to your taste and your wishes!

You will be initiated during the workshop to simplified techniques to work with leather (cut, stitch, fixing eyelets, rivets, studs…). All the leather that you will choose from is made in the UAE from camels, cows and goats bred in the country.

To ensure the best result and reduce the impact on the environment the skins are processed only with natural products (no chemicals used, including chrome). As a quality guarantee, those leathers are used by many Haute Couture brands around the world.We use only surplus of production from the tannery, witch means that leather colours will vary.

All the others materials we use are mainly bought locally and with the best quality.