Hello Maker people !
I am Victoire, French Parisian based in Dubai for 2 years 
Passionate on many stuff such as, painting, drawing, sculpting, stitching…
I am an Architect and love to imagine new concept and projects. 

When I arrived in Dubai, those activities helped me to discover more and more this complex city.
Time after time this project grew in my mind : offering workshops to people who want to be creative but don’t have the time to research materials all around Dubai. I was looking to create a place to welcome people and share what I love, making new experience and grow a new community .

So I start  workshops with what I have always loved : BAGS & DECO 

HELLO MAKERS! is the result of my passion for DIY combined with my love for handbags and decoration. My passion dates back to my teenage days where I was creating bags for my mum and her friends, and increased substantially during the course of my architecture studies.

Hope to see you soon to share an happy creative moment !