DIY experience is a great way to "break the ice" or bringing colleagues closer to each other. 

The hand-made process allows everyone to relax and find the way to express himself. 

All our workshops can be booked for a teambuilding. 

We also offer DIY workshop where the whole team is involve to create a UNIQUE ITEM for the office.

Here is an exemple :

Imagine and make a coffee table top made out of leather marquetry

Each team member has to coordinate with others for the colours scheme and the pattern design. 

This piece of art will be used in your office and become the reminder of an Happy time all together.

We will be happy to imagine for you a unique Team-building workshop that suits your timeframe and budget 



DIY experience is stong marketing tool while you are launching a product or doing a PR event.

A DIY station can be an easy way to involve visitors in your brand univers and to show them your values.

This creative process built more engagement to your consumers and can leads to more buys . 

In a world where image is so importante, involve your client to a unique experience. They will for sure use it as content for there social media.

We have some short time workshops that can be made on a station 

Please have a look to 

We can also imagine a workshop according to your brief.


We can also offer LIVE personalisation of goods with our hot printing machine. 

Adding initials or a small sentence to an object makes it unique and MORE VALUED !


If you are looking for unique Gift for your clients or for your team members we have create hand-made product for you!


From a very simple key chain with initials, to a custom made DIY parfume case, everything is possible.

All our products are Hand-made.









See our realisation made for cent degrés. 

They are offering this product to their client as a marketing signature.